Zen Ohm

Recently I had the pleasure to shoot for local business, Zen Ohm.  Zen Ohm is an eco-aware home cleaning company who say they “Respect you, your space, your home and our planet.”  So you may ask yourself, why hire a company to clean your home with zen-like focus?  Ashawn Korb, owner of Zen Ohm, had this to say…

What about Zen Ohm?

We are trying to change the world on a grassroots level.  We bring a quality of work and life that has been forgotten in our fast paced culture.  While not imposing on our clients time and energy but rather by instilling a qualilty of presence and a balanced way of being that resonates in the clients home.

Take a look at some of the shots, including impeccable portable meditation benches by another local business, Zen Posture.