The Active Kitchen Pilot

The pilot episode of a show we’re producing called The Active Kitchen is now live.

The first episode and pilot for The Active Kitchen, produced by Allen Krughoff of and hosted by Ryan Van Duzer.

This episode features guest athlete Lucas Euser, professional cyclist for United Healthcare. He’s preparing ‘Nono’s Warm Anchovie Salad,’ followed by a baked polenta with mushrooms and poached egg and sauteed kale with lemon and sea salt.

The Active Kitchen highlights culinary-inclined, top level athletes as they prepare a meal of their choosing. We all know that training and competing at a high level demands a healthy diet – but what do these athletes prepare for themselves in order to satisfy both the needs of their bodies and those of their taste buds? Our host Ryan Van Duzer gets “behind-the-meal” information from our guest athletes in a casual, conversation format as he helps them cook in our Active Kitchen.