Studio 22 for Studio Shed

Studio 22 is incredible.  It’s a Studio Shed modified by local Boulder artist, Kristin FitzGerrell.  Studio Shed makes prefabricated space for uses like storing gear and outdoor toys to offices like this incredible art studio.  Kristin specializes in ‘assemblage’ and her work in her own words goes like this:

In this studio the scrap bin is the supply closet. My mixed media collage and assemblage work justifies my complete and chronic infatuation with cast-offs. In my artistic practice I elevate the simplest of scrap to pedestal status and encourage you to see beauty where it had not been evident before. I find shape, color, and form inspiration in the most ordinary of places. My art materials come from an alley, a salvage yard, a recycle bin, a dumpster. I work and re-work these precious bits right down to the part that is left over from the part that was left behind.

I really enjoyed shooting this architecture project for Studio Shed and could’ve hung out inside of Kristin FitzGerrell’s beautiful art studio for the whole day – if I didn’t need to get to these edits!