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***UPDATE 1/26/12:  Thanks to Kate Powlison, Research Analyst & Communications Coordinator for Bikes Belong, for compiling the reach of the Shit Cyclists Say video. The impact has been incredible to say the least.  In Kate’s words…

It was listed by one entertainment site as one of the Top 5 “Sh*t People Say” videos, made the rounds on the bike media and non-endemics like Huffington Post and Denver Egotist, and grabbed lots of positive attention for PFB. In addition to a couple thousand new pledges, we gained hundreds of new subscribers on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Here are the current stats:

400,000+ views

2,100 new pledges (1/3 of views were outside of the U.S.)

2,000+ likes on YouTube

300 YouTube comments

450 new subscribers to our YouTube Channel

1,500 new Facebook Fans


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-From Kate Powlison, Research Analyst & Communications Coordinator for Bikes Belong

Needless to say, I’m really excited about how much everyone has enjoyed the video and more so regarding the awareness it’s brought to the People For Bikes campaign from Bikes Belong.  Thanks to everyone who has shared, tweeted, reposted, and blogged about the video.  One of the funniest parts has been the number of comments on the video regarding Ryan not wearing his glasses over the outside of his helmet straps – undoubtedly confirming the idiosyncrasies of the cycling world we love.

*****End of Update

If you’re interested in a video for you or your business, consider hiring us.  We can provide both still and video production.  I always put together a great crew and we’re fun to work with. You can email me with any questions.

I was recently shooting commuter cycling lifestyle images for a new Bikes Belong brochure and mentioned the concept of a ‘Shit Cyclists Say’ video. I’d been itching to put one together and thought the Bikes Belong campaign, People for Bikes, might be a perfect sponsor. Within 48 hours we had the green light for producing the video and late Thursday afternoon I contacted Ryan Van Duzer, who I’d met a handful of times crossing paths in the bubble, about being our ‘cyclist.’ He agreed but only had the next morning available to shoot – so in the same time I was exchanging emails with him, I was writing up the script we needed to shoot the next morning.

We filmed at North Boulder Cycle Sport, North Boulder Amante, and out the back of my Subaru on some of the lesser busy residential streets here in town.  It was my first time working with the Panasonic AG-AC130 and shooting on an full video HD camera – my previous projects have been shot on HDSLR equipment such as the Nikon D7000.  Quickly learning how to work with a wireless lav mic mixed with ambient mic – such as a tiny echo produced when we receive Ryan’s signal immediately and then the shotgun on camera mic would pick it up just a hair later.

Ryan Van Duzer and Spencer Powlison high fiving for the camera as we shoot 'shit cyclists say' for People for Bikes

We wrapped up shooting Friday afternoon and turned around the final edit within 24 hours, which was then approved Sunday morning and released at 8am Sunday the 22nd.  As of this evening (15 hours later), we’re up to about 60k views on YouTube with a goal of over 100k.  Unfortunately in the rush, I made the mistake of not duplicating the left audio channel of Ryan’s wireless mic when I cut out the right channel after deciding it wasn’t adding to the scenes.  Normally something you’d go in and replace on the YouTube account, but the video had been released and had started it’s snowball effect in the world of viral videos.

It was a great experience going from having the pitch accepted to getting the final edit approved in less than 4 days and I couldn’t have done it without the people mentioned below.

Special thanks to everyone that helped out: Ryan Van Duzer (main character), Zach Edwards (BCS shoulder 1), Katie Arehart-Rose (BCS shoulder 2), Brandon Dwight (BCS shoulder 3), Pete Webber (stunt driver), Spencer Powlison (stunt cyclist), and Jeffrey McKinnon (Amante shoulder) as well as Boulder Cycle Sport and Amante Coffee.

Without further delay – the video:

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  1. So proud of your hard work! It has been fun to watch your business grow. You are are a rock-star Allen. We are lucky to have you in Boulder.

  2. Allen – Really interesting post about how the video was made and how it’s taken off. Just amazing!
    Try to remember us and keep in touch once you become famous! 😉

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