Modeling Comp Cards

It’s no secret that Boulder is home to many, many high level athletes across a variety of disciplines.  Runners, skiers, cyclists, climbers, triathletes…and the list goes on and on.  A trend I’ve started to notice however, is many of these athletes being more creative in ways to ‘make it work.’  As a cyclist myself, I’m familiar with twenty hour training weeks and coming up with ways to pay the bills as you work your way up to the top of the sport.

Recently, I’ve had more and more athletes getting in touch with me to setup a modeling portfolio to get into the business and earn a little on the side if they can.  Athletes are already in great shape, have a relatively flexible schedule, and in general aren’t too shy – not to mention they may already have industry contacts within their sponsorships.  Take for example, triathlete turned model Ryann Fraser’s shoot this past summer or Kristen Peterson’s shoot with stop motion video.

Last week I met up with triathlete Allen Gardner of the Breeze Bars Professional Triathlon Team to produce a series of images to get him on his way in the active lifestyle modeling industry.  Our goal: create images that don’t look like they all came from one shoot.  Little tricks we used were to shave Allen’s beard halfway through the shoot, change locations three times and more.  Primarily we used natural light with reflectors when necessary and for the more dramatic active shot(s) we used the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable strobe system with a 2’x2′ softbox.

If you’re interested in getting a start in the active modeling industry, contact me to setup a shoot

Front of Allen's Comp (or Zed) Modeling Card
The back of the comp card with stats and contact info