Freshies from Cyclo X Boulder

Ahhh yes, waking up to 8″ of snow (and still coming), 10 degrees and knowing I told Lance Panigutti I’d be there to shoot a race for the entire day.  Actually – no problem with it at all, thanks to Nikon’s sealed camera bodies and my Keen winter boots.  Throw on the snowpants, some long underwear, some more long underwear, a down jacket, a rain jacket over that, and my ghetto fab neon orange dickies work short (screen printed at Goodbye Blue Monday, back when I was a marketing intern there) and I’m out the door.

Lance Panigutti - promoter of Sunday's Cyclo X Boulder - all smiles despite the weather

The event was the first Cyclo X Boulder put on by Without Limits Productions.  Anyone who made it out there looked like they were having a good time – from the juniors racing at 830AM, to the guys battling it out in the 3’s after the sun went low, to the woman who was doing her first race ever in the blowing snow…with a smile.  Good people, great times and here are some images from the day:

You can see all the images at Hardcastle Photography here:

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