The ‘Uber Legit’ Cycling Team Photo Package

What the heck is the ‘Uber Legit’ Cycling Team Photo Package?

Good question, read on my friend

About 3 years ago, I switched gears from (attempting to) making a living racing bikes to making a living through photography.  I get the same rush, challenge and excitement from both.  After being very active on the road and mountain cycling scene in Colorado for 12 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about putting together teams, acquiring sponsors and trying to make everyone happy.


Recently, I was hired to shoot the Rio Grande Elite Cycling Team in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The Rio, being an active financial sponsor of their cycling team for over 10 (possibly more) years, understands the importance of representing sponsors who contribute to the team.  For them, professional photography of the riders with their equipment and sponsor-laden clothing was a no-brainer. This got me thinking that there are many, many teams in Colorado that receive significant help from their sponsors in cash or equipment who, at the end of the season, send their sponsors thank you letters with a list of accomplishments with possibly a handful of podium shots and/or event photos captured by teammates.

And your sponsors deserve something more…something shiny, something rad.

cycling team shot
The Rio Cycling team in their domain

Enter my “Uber-Legit” Cycling Team Package

Why not give your sponsors a slick poster of your team looking awesome with their brands represented?  Think of it as the cycling version of band photography.  Pro teams do it all the time.  They have a stack of these posters and their athletes sign ’em and give them away at trade shows.  Represent yourselves appropriately and deliver to your sponsors something they’ll be proud to put on their wall, and help them remember why they write that check or mail out boxes of gear for you, and why they should do it again next year.

What you get:

  • Professionally styled and lit, commercial quality, on-location portrait of your team
  • Head shots of each rider (if your team has over 20 riders, might have to make some adjustments here, but we’ll make it happen regardless)
  • A STACK of 100, 12×18 team posters to mail out to each of your sponsors, host housing families, supportive relatives and friends, you name it.  Artwork preparation with sponsor logos is included. Come with your own sharpie, bring a well practiced John Hancock and prepare for stardom

The package is 550.00.  Locations can be anything from near a race venue for rider convenience, to a grittier urban scene, to somewhere along the front range with great scenery.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!!

Can’t help laughing at that line, but it’s true

Customize anything you like and I’ll put together a package that works for your needs.
Say you want product shots of the equipment that awesome pedal sponsor gave you?  Done.
Action photos of the riders for trading cards? Done.
Take a look through my work to check out the different types of work I do and what we can put together.
Call me at 720.310.5784 or email Allen at to find out more, dates are limited and availability is greater the earlier you book.