Chris and Kat

Sounds like Kit Kat doesn’t it?  I raced (I’m also a cyclist) with Chris over the summer as he guest rode for Team Rio Grande at the Tour of Utah as well as the Univest Gran Prix. Chris and Katherine, better known as Kat, got in touch with me after the close of the cycling season to shoot some outdoor, winter-in-the-mountains, type portraits.  They wanted to make up some cards and prints for the family here in the US and also back in Australia that were professionally done.  We drove around for far too long trying to find a location out of the wind on the upper stretches of Flagstaff.  Eventually, I convinced them a 10 minute hike in the snow, down a slope (yes, they were very trusting) would give us a sunny spot with some elements to toss in the foreground and background.

I was having focusing issues due to a combination of filters on the camera to combat the bright sun.  However, this turned out to be one of my favorite portrait experiences, not necessarily from the setting, or any tangible aspect in itself, but because I felt like I captured Chris and Kat’s connection with one another.  Not to be too cheesy, but I feel like they let me be a rare witness to their raw feelings for one another in love and laughter, and I just made sure not to screw it up:)