Safari Fashion Test Shoot in Boulder, Colorado

Bringing the safari to Boulder, Colorado in a test shoot with Bri Cooper. Not really sure where I came up with the safari theme, maybe it was some recent J Crew/Banana Republic advertisements…

Either way, I think the images look of places far departed from Colorado, maybe Africa?

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Equipment used:

Nikon D700, various lenses
White/gold reflector for images 1 to 5
Elinchrom Ranger Quadra with Rotalux Octabox for images 6 to 17

Roxy/Billabong Styled Test Shoot with Heather Grey

Practice makes perfect and that’s exactly the thought behind a third lifestyle, catalog test shoot this past week.  That makes four test shoots in two weeks!  Solid.  This round we worked with Heather Grey and her stylist Meg to create images that you might find in a surf clothing catalog such as Roxy, Billabong, Quicksilver…all that good stuff.

My team consisted of Scott Tietzel as primary assistant and Chad Moore as secondary assistant, focusing on behind the scenes photo/video on his 5d Mark II.  Stay tuned for a behind the scenes video!  Also, thanks to Craig Randall for use of his pristine BMW 2002 – perfect for the Roxy/Billabong catalog sun-drenched catalog look we were going for.  Most of the images are low in contrast and a bit softer (resisting quoting Zoolander’s ‘Le tigre’ look…) than my usual style.

Trail Running in Boulder, Colorado: an Active Test Shoot

Well it’s about time I organized some active test shoots, seeing as I am based in one of the fittest places in the world: Boulder, Colorado.  Here are some images from a recent trail running shoot with Bobbi.  Still on the to do list are some mountain and road cycling, yoga, moto, climbing (probably just Bouldering, seeing as I’m not the most skilled ‘sender’ out there), and heck maybe even some slacklining for you Boulder free spirit types!  Definitely a lot of room for me to stretch out my shutter finger in the active department…more to come.

Professional Triathlete Cameron Dye, Behind The Scenes Video

Early in the morning on April 1st, I set off to meet my old high school buddy, Cameron Dye, out at Boulder Reservoir in northeastern Boulder, Colorado.  Cameron has quickly climbed the ranks of competitive triathlon and, after turning professional only last year, recently won a world cup in Mexico.  He’s only getting faster these days and it should be exciting to see where he takes the sport.  For this shoot, I wanted to take on a Joel Grimes-esque style – with a high contrast, commercial looking portrait that Cameron could use for his sponsors (Breeze Bars, Pearl Izumi, Kestrel, BlueSeventy, Shimano, Clif Shot).

I used a three light setup here with an Elinchrom Ranger Quadra and a Hensel Porty 1200 strobe system.  No assistant on this shoot besides Cameron himself.  This shoot was great practice and I’ll definitely be doing more shooting with Cameron down the road, very stoked on how this turned out.

Cameron Dye Triathlete photo

You can checkout Cameron’s site or follow him on twitter here.  Lastly, if you haven’t taken a look at the Hardcastle Photography Facebook page, it’s worth a visit and I can be found on twitter at Krughoff.

Take a look at our behind the scenes video below and get a little insight into the white haired man who’s probably winning a triathlon in a town near you very soon.

Behind the scenes video of a Hardcastle Photography photoshoot with professional triathlete Cameron Dye.

Equipment used includes:
-Nikon cameras and lenses
-Elinchrom Ranger Quadra strobe system
-Hensel Porty 1200 strobe system

Cameron Dye’s Sponsors:
-Breeze Bars:
-Pearl Izumi
-Clif Shot

Hardcastle Photography Contact Info:

Cameron Dye:

Heather and Jeremy Lifestyle Shoot

A couple friends of mine happen to be the reigning mountain bike U.S. National Champions, and they happen to be married, they happen to live a few blocks away…and did I mention they happen to be stylish and attractive?  Sometimes it’s tough, I’m tellin’ ya.  They are Heather Irmiger and Jeremy Horgan Kobelski out of Boulder, Colorado.  I caught up with them between international trips to race world cups in places like Germany and South Africa for a casual lifestyle shoot.  They needed some new images for their blog and I needed some good looking, willing subjects.  We were all a little worn out on this afternoon so the shoot started with a stop at Vic’s Espresso on Broadway in Ideal Marketplace to get a caffeine bump and just went from there.  We’re already planning another more commercial, fashion-style shoot to come…

Baby Belly

Often, commercial work leads to personal work and in this case I photographed Zen Ohm’s owner Ashawn, an expecting mother, on the west side of Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, CO.  This was the first maternity shoot I’ve done and we came away with some great portraits.

Boulder Cycle Sport

Brandon Dwight at Boulder Cycle Sport got in touch with me to capture some images of their shop in action on a typical morning.  We were looking for shots incorporating depth of field for subject separation and the use of existing elements in the shop for framing.  Great guys at this shop, definitely stop in if you have any cycling needs or just to say hello!  A handful of images from the day below…

RAD Roller

Michael Mallory, the man behind this really cool new muscle therapy device called the the “RAD” Roller, needed product images for web and advertising of the roller itself and demonstrating it’s use. It’s designed to get into those knots in your neck and back better than your typical foam roller that many people are already familiar with.  A little challenge to get images that show exactly how it’s used, as you’re generally laying on top it when you put it to work.  However, our two models did a great job and Michael ended up with some images that should serve them well.