Amy Ippoliti’s 90 Minutes to Change the World Videos

Wow, whirlwind of editing madness this past month has been.  I’ve been tasked by Amy Ippoliti and her ’90 Minutes to Change The World’ crew to edit each of her 4 promotional videos leading up to her online training workshop.  What is ’90 Minutes to Change The World’ you say?  It’s a witty title for a course that provides professional development for yoga teachers – as many yoga classes are 90 minutes long and by making better yoga teachers, they’re making the world a better place.  Pretty cool.

The best video, with the most creative license on editing, has been the last of the 4 – which is centered on preventing yoga teacher burnout.  Burnout is the lifestyle where the teacher is flying to and from class, uninspired and stressed out, teaching crummy classes with minimal attendance – a vicious cycle.  So I added a little voice over piece in the beginning with Amy that sets the tone for the video in a cool way I’ve seen done before in hollywood and other little places like that.  Big thanks to Taro Smith for spending the time with Amy to provide all the footage we’ve used in the videos.  AND a big thanks to the 90 Minutes crew for entrusting me with their beloved ideas!  Without further adoo…video 4!

Let me know what you think!