Studio Fashion Concept Shoot

JJ and friend Megan contacted me about a studio fashion concept shoot they had in mind featuring bold colors, wigs and headphones. We spent some time shooting tests and checking out the new space at Pro Photo Rental in Boulder, Colorado. Something different – always good to keep it interesting!

Men’s Fashion Photography

I’ve shot a variety of projects for /Baskit/, a men’s underwear maker based in Boulder, Colorado and worked with Allen┬áto put together a handful of images. A mutual friend of ours let us use their studio apartment on the top floor of the building which worked out nicely for a combination of natural lighting and studio lighting images.

Ski Photography at Vail Resort in Colorado

Ski photography action and lifestyle images featuring ski athletes Sarah Rawley and Michael Friedberg at Vail Resort in Vail, Colorado.

Mountain Biking Photography in Fruita, Colorado

Spring is coming around quickly here in Colorado. We had 70 degree days forecasted in the western slope (west of the continental divide), so a group of my friends and I packed up and headed to Fruita and Grand Junction for an extended weekend of riding on some great trails. Mountain biking here is arguably some of the best in the state and very accessible within a 4 hour drive from Boulder, Colorado – making it an easy getaway for a camping weekend. This gallery of images were captured throughout the weekend.

Backcountry Ski Photography and Hut Trip Images

I had the pleasure of participating in my first winter ‘hut trip’ in the backcountry mountains of Colorado this past weekend – specifically, the Lost Wonder Hut near Monarch Pass in the Sawatch Mountain Range. ┬áMother nature hit us with a double edged sword in the days leading up to the trip with 30″ of new snow in the 48 hours before our trek up to the hut began. Usually I’d never complain about substantial quantities of new snow – but this much creates high avalanche danger and therefore really limits options for ski-able terrain if you want to stay safe (which I definitely do). However, the new snow created some great scenery and lent itself to nice active lifestyle scenic images like the one below in black and white.

Skinning home from Lost Wonder Hut
Skinning home from Lost Wonder Hut

This trip wasn’t based around a client or a highly produced test shoot with experienced model athletes, which gave me a nice challenge of capturing more editorial feeling images of my friends on the hut trip. I believe a fair number of active and outdoor companies are leaning this way with less produced, more ‘real’ images – so getting into the backcountry with the full size camera was good practice. Just figuring out what photography essentials to pack was a learning experience: Nikon D4 with a 50mm prime for grab and go candids while skinning to and from the hut, the 70-200mm lens for ski photography (should we find anything safe enough to descend), and a 17-35mm for inside the hut – around the dinner table drinking wine and playing games and music. The following is a collection of active lifestyle images captured over 2 days.