Testing the Nikon D5 with Active Lifestyle Model, Breeze

The Nikon D5 camera was recently delivered to patiently waiting buyers, including me, from it’s initial pre-order in January. I wanted to get shooting with it straight away to get comfortable with the new layout of the controls and to see if there were any drastic differences in the images coming out of my other camera, the older D4. I had been talking with Breeze – a registered dietician, happy wife and proud mom here in Boulder – about shooting some active lifestyle images. The weather worked out on a sunny afternoon just outside of town and we got to work on testing this new camera. I put Breeze through a variety of running photography scenes and fitness photography setups and she crushed it. Since then, I’ve shared the images with a client and it looks like we’ll be working together again soon!

Active lifestyle test shoot in Boulder, Colorado
Active lifestyle test shoot in Boulder, Colorado

Architecture Photography for Studio Shed in Solana Beach, California

For Studio Shed’s recent update to their website, I photographed a fantastic home overlooking the Solana Beach area in California near San Diego. Shooting both exteriors and interiors of the Studio Shed on this property, a variety of new images were produced to add to their website. One of the images is now featured as the opening image on their homepage.

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Shebeest Fall Womens 2016 Cycling Clothing Catalog Photography

Under wraps until recently, I haven’t been able to share the images we produced for women’s cycling clothing brand shebeest! Through some very thorough location scouting and logistics planning ahead of time, we were able to put together an entire catalog shoot in one day, here in Colorado.

We used four locations in one day – from tree line rural gravel roads in the mountains, to a spin studio in town, to the small town of Niwot and an empty dirt farm road, we photographed women cycling in both active and lifestyle scenes.


Next week we’ll be shooting in Vista, CA for their Spring 2017 catalog – looking forward to spending some time on the coast!

Mountain Bike Clothing Photography Boulder Colorado

For a recent shoot for the US launch of Qloom mountain bike apparel, we needed to find locations that incorporated mountainous landscape as well as relaxed pre and post-ride lifestyle environments. Hanging out around a campsite or having a post-ride beer was just as important to the imagery for Qloom as the group ride photos on the trail. We scouted locations west of Boulder and came up with a one day shoot itinerary to produce enough diverse still and motion assets for their launch a month later.



Plus for Nuun Web Commercial Project with Kara Goucher

We were hired by Nuun Hydration to conceptualize and produce a short web commercial highlighting their new product called “Plus” for Nuun. The requirements of the web commercial was that it needed to show how Plus was used as an add-on to their existing product (Nuun), why someone would use it and the related benefits. Their sponsored athlete, Kara Goucher, needed to be used as the center of the piece, being used for the voiceover as well as being featured on screen.

The piece needed to be upbeat and focus on celebrating the successes in sport compared to documenting the grind that some hydration or sports drink companies focus on. Also, as often as possible, Nuun wanted to incorporate both women and groups of people versus individuals. Lastly, we needed to showcase a variety of outdoor sports in multiple locations without going over budget.

We casted athletes for ultra running, swimming, cycling as well as trail running with a dog to provide variety in the sports. We filmed Kara in two locations over one half day and then shot the other sport vignettes in 2 hour blocks in subsequent weeks. Unfortunately, we had to battle with one of the wettest springs in Boulder on record so reschedules and postponements were frequent. We could have filmed in the rain, but it wouldn’t have contributed to the upbeat, happy mood of the piece Nuun wanted.

We were also able to create four sport vignette edits for Instagram that Nuun could use to promote the product, while staying within their budget. A big thanks to everyone who was involved and especially to Adam Rosenberg, my editor, who was able to help knock this one out as well as come up with some nice Instagram cuts.


Retul Brand Video 2015 with Tim Don Triathlete

Retul hired us to produce a short video focusing on two different customer experience scenarios. One story centered around the world champion triathlete, Tim Don and the other was a story about Julie Emmerman, a cyclist. We interviewed both athletes in the Retul fit studio, shot b roll of their fits being done as well as captured scenes of them riding in Boulder, Colorado.

Indian Peaks Classic Bike Ride Film

We created a short film for the Just Go Harder Foundation to promote their new cycling event – a ride through the Indian Peaks area of Colorado. I captured still images and video in the same half day which we used in their social media, digital and print marketing materials. Adam Rosenberg edited the footage down into nice route highlight video showing off the scenery and various terrain that riders would encounter along the way.

Boulder Mountain Bike Commercial Photography

boulder colorado mountain bike photography picture
Chris Rebula’s new company, Rebula MTB, is a custom frame building operation in Boulder, Colorado
boulder colorado mountain bike photography picture
Chris Rebula’s new company, Rebula MTB, is a custom frame building operation in Boulder, Colorado

It’s been a stormy spring here in Boulder and unfortunately I’ve had to reschedule many of my location lifestyle photoshoots and videoshoots. That said, we were able to dodge the thunderstorms and shoot some great mountain bike photography this week with a new custom bike frame building company started by Chris Rebula and called Rebula MTB. Seen here is a fun hardtail 29er built for trail riding, not racing cross country – models and pricing soon here:



Taylor Phinney Lifestyle Photography

Taylor Phinney really doesn’t need an introduction. As we shared the same coach for many years, I’ve raced and trained with him in Boulder from back when he was just getting going until he outgrew our little “Boulder Bubble” and started spending most of his time in Spain during the summer. He’s currently working on battling back from a bad crash last year and has had the rare opportunity to slow down, mid-career, and take a look around at what else life has to offer beyond the bike. One of those things is artistic expression and painting. Cycle Sport UK magazine hired me to work with Taylor and document a day in the life of his recovery process – from the gym, to the canvas.

Emma Coburn Photos in Boulder, Colorado

I was hired to photography Emma Coburn, arguably the fastest female steeplechase athlete in the country, for an editorial client. We shot lifestyle portraits and candid images in Boulder at a high school track facility as well as on a nearby hiking trail. Emma was great to work with and a complete natural in front of the camera – looking forward to working with her again soon!

These images are available for licensing, please contact us.

You can keep up with Emma here:


Taylor Phinney Recovery and Painting

Recently I photographed Taylor Phinney for the magazine CycleSport UK. At the end of the shoot we had a little time where he was still painting and I asked if he wouldn’t mind me filming it for a few minutes. I just added a Sony FS7 to my gear and hadn’t used it yet, so it was a great opportunity to test a new camera with color, frame rates and recording formats. Some of this was shot in UHD and some of the higher frame rates at 1080p over the course of about 15 minutes.

Handmade Bicycle Product Photography in Boulder Colorado

We photographed the Glissando, a handmade bamboo and titanium town bicycle for creator, Corey Collier. The Glissando features formed bamboo as the top half of the frame, creating a pair of beautiful flowing lines. Complete with internal cable routing, a belt drive system, gorgeous disc brake calipers and a general impeccable attention to detail. This very unique bike is finished with a Brooks leather saddle. Interested parties can contact the designer, Corey Collier directly at, limited quantities available and are built to suit.

For product photography bookings, please email Allen at

Boulder Business Web Commercial for Quick Left

We worked with Boulder-based app developer, Quick Left, to produce a brand video that focused around client testimonials. Quick Left wanted to highlight the customer experience and showcase the advantages of working with them. We worked over two half days, shooting at the Quick Left headquarters and multiple clients’ offices. Also, we included some scenes to show off the positive work culture and environment inside Quick Left.


Photography of Kara Goucher Signing with Oiselle

We were hired recently to capture images of Kara Goucher signing her new endorsement contract with Oiselle as well as lifestyle running photography of her wearing Oiselle apparel. Kara Goucher is a very well known women’s distance runner with a long history with her prior sponsor, Nike. The emotions were high during the shoot as it marked a new chapter in Kara’s career, very exciting and we wish her the best on this new path!